Advanced surgical simulator with the best cost-benefit of the market.
Six different procedures can be practiced using the Surgeman.
The exclusive Working Islands system facilitates replacement and cuts costs.
Surgeman has internal organs, making procedures more realistic.
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Surgeman is ideally suited for medical training in essential procedures for trauma and emergency cases. With lower costs, quick replacement of the areas in which procedures are performed and high quality artificial skin, Surgeman is widely accepted both in the domestic and international market. It is being currently used in several training centers, in the main university centers and ATLS units in various countries.

SURGEMAN USES HIGH QUALITY AND EASY TO REPLACE ARTIFICIAL SKIN The artificial skin used in the Surgeman realistically recreates the characteristics of human tissue and its mechanical response to handling, cutting and suturing. Additionally, its exclusive Working Islands system simplifies the process reducing replacement areas by restricting them to procedure sites. Thus, one single replacement kit (Kit-56) can allow for up to 16 students to perform all procedures.
WITH SURGEMAN, TRAINING COURSES CAN BE HELD ANYWHERE Weighing only 8 kg, the equipment is light and portable. To make transportation even easier, we have designed a suitcase with the optimal size and shape for the transportation of the Surgeman. Additionally, the exclusive Working Islands system ensures quick and easy change of the areas where procedures are performed.
THE LINE OF SURGERY SIMULATORS WITH THE BEST COST-BENEFIT The working islands system, which consists of small scale disposable parts, restricted to the procedure sites, makes transportation easier and cuts material and transportation costs. Additionally, disposal and replacement are quick and straightforward, thus easily enabling a larger number of students to perform all procedures using one single simulator. All these features make the Surgeman line of surgery simulators more affordable and the best cost-benefit of the market.


  • Height: 26 cm
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Lenght: 86 cm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg


Advanced simulator for surgical practice in severe trauma.
The Working Islands system cuts costs and expedites replacement.
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